Trade Union organization of employees of the Intellectual Property Office

Trade Union organized in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has a long tradition. Through various historical periods, associated with related unions (as members of the SROOF, ASNS, USS Syllables ...) or independently, the workers of the IPO have reached a union consciousness and fought to protect their rights and interests, for social justice and security.

History of Trade Union

The last decade of work of our unions was marked by a significant fight to defend the rights of civil servants:

  • In 2006. at the time of great rationalization of public administration by reducing the number of employees, the Union of the IPO stood for protection of its 10 employees who were dismissed without criteria and social justice. With the provided moral support and hiring a lawyer for legal aid, the Union helped all fired workers back on the job.
  • In 2007. Trade Union of IPO was one of the main organizers of protests against another layoffs of civil servants and participated in negotiations with the Ministry of finance to find best practices and social program for laid-off.
  • In 2008. Trade Union of IPO went on a serious campaign and fight for the amendment of the law on salaries of civil servants and reduction of the salary ranges of 1:9. Numerous protests from the combined unions of State bodies and organs of Justice in Belgrade, the organisation of protests in support of colleagues in the judiciary, memos and pressures directed ranks include clubs in the RS National Assembly, that led to the final changes in the law and public salaries in the State administration at just 1:6.

By continuous negotiations with the leadership of the IPO, we improved the social position of employees which are to be exercised through: social payments of aid, aid for medication, scholarships for employees, help for school supplies and assigning new year packets for children of employees and other types of social assistance, that were not foreseen in the budget of the IPO for years.

The Trade Union of IPO specifically advocated for the improvement of interpersonal relations and creation of healthy and friendly environment in the community:

  • participation in the workers ‘ sports games in 2006. year
  • maintenance of the Memorial Tournament in chess in the glory of the deceased colleagues
  • organizing trips for workers of the IPO
  • organizing new year party for children of employees and the like.

The Trade Union’s major function is Defense of employees from discrimination and participation in the work of the disciplinary commission, in order to overcome conflicts and provide protection for its members.

The Trade Union of the IPO is making contacts and cooperation with trade unions in other fields and in various ways trying to ease a difficult material position of employees in the years of economic crisis, and arranged the purchase of affordable fruit and other commodities. One of the more significant activities is organizing mammogram cancer screening for women of the IPO in cooperation with the Trade Union of health workers.

There are many and not less important, individual activities and aid provided by the Union to its members in the field of solidarity, and that was its primary role.

From 2010. year, the retirement of long-time President, the great Union Leader Milena Jocic, there was a five-year interruption of Trade Union activities.

In May, 2015. in the IPO, new independent Trade Union Organization was founded, which continues the tradition of organizing labor force in the Intellectual Property Office.


Mission and Vision

New, independent trade union organization of the Intellectual Property Office, was established with the aim to achieve security, social justice and solidarity in difficult times from the social and financial point of view, through union organizing.

The basic role of Unions is reflected in:

  • social dialogue and negotiation with the employer for the implementation and extension of the collective agreement;
  • monitoring of regulations governing the rights of employees;
  • cooperation with the other trade unions of the public administration for the exchange of information and experiences; and to ensure that more favorable economic and social position of employees is achieved.

For its basic task the Union works to establish better interpersonal relationships in the community, which will realize its vision:the Intellectual Property Office as a government department which is a joy and a pleasure to work in.