Education and Information Centre

The Education and Information Center was founded in January 2010 with the aim of raising general awareness and developing professional skills in the field of intellectual property.

The services of the Center take place in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars, webinars, as well as in the form of intellectual property diagnostics services – IP pre-diagnosis (IPD) intended for companies, entrepreneurs, and research teams from universities and institutes.

The services that EIC provides to companies, entrepreneurs, research teams, and individuals are:

  • Basic training on individual intellectual property rights in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars and webinars;
  • Specialized training such as search in different patent databases or other databases on intellectual property rights;
  • Importance of intellectual property protection for business;
  • Intellectual property in the process of technology transfer for scientific research institutions;
  • Specialized service of IP pre-diagnosis (IPP) intended for companies but also for scientific research teams from universities and institutes;
  • Information on the procedure for protection of certain intellectual property rights before submitting the application;
  • Open doors – consultations that we provide on every third Thursday of the month;
  • Commercial bibliographic search service of the patent databases and registers available to the Office.

The Educational and Information Center also participates in trade fairs and other public events and continuously works on raising awareness of the importance of intellectual property for business and competitiveness in the market.

For some of the EIC activities, you can contact the EIC Team, which you can see below.

EIC Team

Zorica Obradović
Head of Education and Information Centre

Dr. Nataša Milojević
Counsellor in Centre

Saša Zdravković
Counsellor in Department for Mechanical Engineering

Jelena Tešić
Counsellor in Department for Chemistry

Tatjana Tanasković
Counsellor in Centre

Jasna Delibašić
Associate in Centre

Svetlana Radosavljević
Clerk in Centre

Assistant Director
Daniela Zlatić Šutić

EIC member responsible for social networks and the website of the Office
Tatjana Tanasković

EIC member responsible for the Office’s Library
Jasna Delibašić