Register of representatives kept by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia

Individuals and legal entities can represent you in any proceedings before the Intellectual property office. The Intellectual property office keeps a Register of Representatives which contains a list of individuals and legal entities that met the conditions and rules defined by the Patent Law.

The Register is kept up to date and contains all information about changes made to any of the Representatives.

The application for entry in the Register of Representatives, as well as the request for data changes, can also be submitted electronically, via the eApplication portal. Data from the Register and entries of all changes in the Register are published in the Intellectual Property Gazette.

In order to be added to the Register, an individual must pass the professional exam for representatives. Exams are held twice a year, before the examination commission. The date, time and place of the professional exam are published on the website and bulletin board of the Office, one month before the date of the exam.

Contact person for information about the exam:
Contact person for new submissions to the Register of Representatives and requests for any changes:

A foreign citizen or a legal entity which does not have a residence or registered office in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, must be represented by a registered Representative or Serbian lawyer in all proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office.