Diagnostics of Intellectual Property

The service is intended for technical-technological and production business entities and those engaged in research, who want to assess their potential in the field of intellectual property.

Why to use Intellectual Property Pre-diagnosis (IPP) service?

The intellectual property diagnostics service gives the user (business entity or team from the scientific research organization) an insight into what they can protect from the results of their work as intellectual property. If, for example, an economic operator uses a certain sign in trade in order to mark its products or services, he may protect it as a trademark. If a new appearance of the product is created, it can be protected as an industrial design. If he has devised a new technical solution to a problem he encounters in his work, he can protect it as a patent or a petty patent and so on.

Once it has protected its right, the business entity or R&D team can devise a strategy on how to use it properly in its business or in the further commercialization of research results.

The IP diagnostic service helps to recognize the “hidden” forms of its intellectual property, because intellectual property also enters the value of a company. Often, intangible assets exceed the material assets of a company in their value. Globally, in 1975, the value of an enterprise’s intangible assets averaged 18%, while today it is up to 90% of its value.
( https://www.oceantomo.com/intangible-asset-market-value-study/).

In short:

  • Diagnostics of Intellectual Property gives recommendations for the protection of certain intellectual property rights based on the assessment of the current situation in the company, and
  • Provides clients with the opportunity to see the future business through an understanding of the benefits they have gained by protecting their intellectual property.

What does the diagnosis of your intellectual property look like?

Experts of the Intellectual Property Office perform the Intellectual Property Diagnostics service. This process consists of four steps:

  1. Preparation for meeting with the SME or R&D team representatives;
  2. Visiting the enterprise (at their premises or at the Office);
  3. Compiling a report and
  4. Delivering the intellectual property diagnostic report.

All confidential information provided by your company will be kept strictly secret and are protected by a confidentiality clause. Diagnostics of Intellectual Property do not include an assessment of the value of your intellectual property.

How do I schedule Diagnostics of Intellectual Property in my company?

If you wish to perform an intellectual property diagnostics survey in your company, you may contact us: info.eic@zis.gov.rs.

The Intellectual Property Diagnostics service, since 2010, has been used by over 400 business entities and over 30 teams from universities. You can watch the report of Radio-Television of Vojvodina on the Diagnostics of Intellectual Property.