Informative Services

Search Services

The Intellectual Property Office provides special search services in the field of intellectual property rights. These services aim to provide information on the basis of which users can make a decision to initiate proceedings to protect an industrial property right, avoid infringement, acquire or sell a license, invest in product development, identify a potential partner and more.

Search services perform the experts of the Office based on a submitted request for particular industrial property search in writing. Depending on the intellectual property right in question, request have to be accompanied with the relevant data, which are the subject of the search, as well as with the proof of payment of relevant fees. Fees for informative search services


Public Reading Room

The services of the Public reading room include making available to the interested public the data on protected industrial property rights, as well as providing consultations to the parties regarding issues on procedures for all intellectual property rights managed by the Office. In the premises of the Public reading room, it is possible to access and search the available databases that the Institute maintains and to which it has access. The search can be performed independently or with the help of employees of the Institute.

Intellectual Property Office
Kneginje Ljubice 5
11,000 Belgrade
Opening hours: 8:30 – 15:00.


Library Services

The Office has a library with professional literature and other monographic publications. All editions of the Office’s library are included in the program of the Virtual Library of Serbia – COBISS. All those interested can view the books in the room open to the public.  Interested persons can check whether there is a certain edition in the library of the Office at the website COBISS.

For all additional questions about the publications in the library of the Office, you can contact us by e-mail: .