Miomir Vukobratović


Full time member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences – SANU, founder and the first president of the Academy of engineering sciences of Serbia and Montenegro, director of the Laboratory for robotics of the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, full time professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and scientific counsellor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Miomir Vukobratović is considered to be one of the founders of the Belgrade school of robotics. He was a member of numerous foreign scientific and engineering academies. He is a winner of numerous highest domestic and international awards in the field of robotics and in 2006 he was awarded a recognition for his life’s work from the World Automatic Congress (WAC). Vukobratović is one of the several most quoted experts in the world in the domain of robotics. He established the theory of so-called “point of zero moment” used today by all of the humanoid robots with modern modifications, but the basic theoretical grounds have been established in the Institute Mihajlo Pupin that all the scientists refer to.

“Active prosthesis for invalids with amputation above the knees for walking on flat ground, upstairs and downstairs” is registered by the patent of Miomir Vukobratović under the number YU48268B. This device was developed in 1993. Prosthesis for invalids with amputation above the knees is the active prosthesis device with two degrees of freedom. The device enables the user natural human walk controlled by microprocessors where the user previously regulates the length and frequency of the steps. With the assistance of this device, it is significantly easier to climb the stairs as well as to move on the rugged terrain.