Milutin Milanković

(1879 -1958)

The most cited Serbian scientist, civil engineer and inventor in the field of civil engineering and rocket technology. All his life, he was engaged at the same time in science and technology, and he will be best remembered for his contribution in the field of astronomy’s theory and climatology. A contribution to this is also a fact that NASA had Milutin Milanković included in the list of 15 great minds of all times engaged in our planet, while the scientists of the Soviet Academy gave his name to one of the craters on the Moon. As the civil engineer he became famous with the patents with the system of building the first reinforced concrete ceilings with heat and sound insulation, under the title “Milanković-Kreutz building system” that was created when he worked in the Vienna civil engineering companies in the period 1905 till 1909. He was the first Serb with the highest scientific title of the doctoral degree in technical sciences, that he acquired at the 1904 at the Technical Faculty in Vienna, he was a part time professor of applied mathematics and full time professor of space mechanics at Belgrade University, Dean at the Faculty of Philosophy, pioneer at rocket engineering, Vice president of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Scientists in three mandates, director of the Astronomic Observatory in Belgrade, member and re-founder of the Committee 7 for the space mechanics of the International Astronomic Union and man who tried to make science popular.

Milanković, as the author or co-author registered seven patents in the field of civil engineering which he filed in various states in the period 1905-1918. The eighth, the last patent under the title “Cannon bullet against airplanes” was registered in Yugoslavia on the basis of application from 1933. In the course of his professor’s career, he remained loyal to his first life profession – civil engineering, because, as a constructor, static engineering expert and supervisor he worked on a series of civil engineering projects made of reinforced concrete all over Yugoslavia.