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The main aim of the project IPorta is strengthening cooperation between European national offices for intellectual property. Better synergy of these offices, in cooperation with the institutions providing support to business, achieves better integration of intellectual property (IP) in the business strategy of the company and its more efficient utilization. This project represents the continuation of the previous project IPeuropAware, in which Serbia has not participated.

In the framework of the IPorta project, the national offices for intellectual property should answer to the needs of SMEs that have not been sufficiently covered in the framework of national and regional offices and other institutions for the support of economy and R&D from Europe. The IPO is one of 27 partners in this project.

Partners should establish cooperation with other partners primarily in the following fields:
- Improvement of competitiveness of European SMEs by improvement and adjustment of services in the domain of IP;
- Strengthening dialogue with the SMEs;
- Encouraging SMEs to integrate management of IP rights in their business and their utilization;
- The preservation of immaterial assets of the SMEs by improvement of their capacity in the field of enforcement of IP rights.

With the aim of accomplishing these goals, partners in the project shall work on the following:

- improvement of their own capacities and readiness to take over the leading role in the form of institutions that provide these services or information about them at the European market of IP rights;
- providing assistance to SMEs in Europe in the use of IP in a more constructive way by improving services of offices for SMEs;
- securing adequate, updated and easy to understand information for SMEs over the websites;
- active support and aiming cooperation with other Help-Desks of national offices with the aim to exchange the best practice for SMEs;
- taking over the leading part in the coordination and development of network of Help Desks and the securing of services in the domain of IP;
- coordination of mechanisms of feed back information in the domain of IP for the competent bodies at the level of the EU.

IPorta has four kinds of activities:

A1: Creation and improvement of services in the domain of IP, by creating the common Toolbox where the existing tools can be surveyed and taken over.
A2: Maintenance, improvement, addition and reconfiguration of old InnovAccess web-site. Launching new look, contents and version of the web-site was completed at the beginning of 2013.
A3: Establishment of the network of Help-Desks and exchange of experiences.
A4: Project coordination (coordinator is Mr. Henry Tudor from Luxemburg).

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