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Filing request to the market inspection – efficient and easy undertaking of measures for the protection of intellectual property rights

“Company of the Unified Serbian Brewery Zajecarsko ltd sends various information to its buyers by a trademark, such as: unique formula, ingredients of high quality, standardized procedure. The domestic beer is the result of experience, high technology and good recipes.

One of the reasons we protected our signs is to avoid the infringement of rights by the third parties. However, we plan to file a request to the market inspection for the protection of right for increased supervision for the prevention of the potential violation by the third party of our protected right. On the basis of data contained in the request (description of goods, trademark certificate, data on the basis of which one can recognize our package , samples, photographs of goods…), the market inspection can easily and efficiently undertake the measures for the protection of intellectual property right, including the due confiscation of goods.

The service of the IPO “ Intellectual Property Diagnosis” had positive effect on the business of the company, in the meaning that there is higher consciousness of the employees of the existing position and the potentials of brending the company and the aspects of potential violation of IP rights in order to easily recognize it and undertake duly the appropriate measures for the sake of protection.

Bojana Obucina Krcmar, Unified Serbian Breweries Zajecarsko Ltd. (today Heineken Serbia)

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