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Experiences of the Serbian company Metalka Majur with unauthorized copying of their trademark

Metalka Majur has protected the sign by a trademark in order to prevent the possibility that the competition should come with products under the sign of Metalka Majur and use this sign without authority in the promotional, advertising and other propaganda purposes.

Some time ago, in two retail shops the copies of our products appeared. We sent a letter to the legal person where we noticed those products. In the letter, we explained that Metalka Majur has the exclusive right to use the sign Metalka Majur and we asked that these products in question should be withdrawn from the channels of commerce. After the reception of our letter, the legal person did what we asked for. On the basis of the trademark certificate, we managed, without the loss of time and money, to prevent the occurrence of the irreparable damage.

The registration of trademark secures safety that the consumer purchased the original product, i.e. the good and persistent quality. The trademark is a guarantee of a kind that the product shall fulfill the expectations of the consumers regarding the performances of the product. That motivates the buyer, when shopping the next time, to by products protected by the sign Metalka Majur, because it makes it easy and simple to recognize the guaranteed quality.

Having in mind that the culture of intellectual property entails the follow up of the signs that the competition and business partners use to mark their products, the search of the data base (freely accessible data base at the site of the IPO) is one of the regular business activities of our business company.”

Dejan Milenkovic, Deputy Director general, Metalka Majur, ltd.

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