SMEs and Intellectual property

By protecting trademark and industrial design, you become serious and reliable business partner

“The result achieved after the registration of the trademark and industrial design is reflected in the seriousness of the company to protect its intellectual property in due time and secures the status at the market by reflecting on that protection. Many companies that participate as partners in cooperation ask to find in the portfolio of a company the legally secured protection. On the basis of that they often ask to be given the certificates on trademarks and industrial design.

Legal person Foodland Ltd. protected its signs by trademarks and its bottles and jars by industrial design. The reason for that is that we wanted to secure by protection the unique image and recognizable brand on the market. It is prevention against competition in the sense of copying brands “Foodland” and “Grandmother s Secret”. We had a problem with the unauthorized economic utilization of our sign/product, but thanks to the due reaction we prevented the creation of the damage. AS a matter of fact, such product which appeared at one point in our market in the resale shops was quickly withdrawn, after the sending of the letter of warning and copy of the certificate on trademark. Apart from protecting our intellectual property, we engage in the prevention of its unauthorized utilization, but we also respect other people intellectual property.

Our brand “Grandmother’s Secret” (srp. Bakina tajna) stands in the same line with the best known world brands in the field of food products, and the new design of bottles and jars is unique and as such makes our products attractive and appealing, increases their market value, and every day wins new customers. This does not open only new distribution channels but also communication channel in which our logo is the key word for the secret made of sweetness, good taste and traditional recipes.”

Milos Kapor, legal advisor, Atlantic Group

Experiences of Serbian companies

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