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Database of trademarks and industrial designs

National Database of Trademarks

National database of trademarks contains bibliographical data on the trademark applications and registered trademarks as well as images of signs from the applications and registered trademarks. Since 2007, data on the changes referring to the applications and registered trademarks have been included in the national data base of trademarks.

The national database of trademarks does not contain data on trademarks registered via international registration for the territory of the Republic of Serbia through the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocole.

National Database of Industrial Designs

The Database of Industrial Designs contains national industrial designs applied for and those already registered. The industrial design database contains designs registered since 1944.

International Databases

ROMARIN - Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks

Hague Express - Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs


As of 26 October 2015, the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia (IPORS) has made its industrial design data available to the Designview search tool.

The integration of IPORS is a concrete result of the International Cooperation programme managed by OHIM in collaboration with its international partners.

With IPORS on-board, there are now 37 participating offices in Designview. With the addition of almost 10.000 designs from Serbia, Designview now provides information and access to more than 8,7 million industrial designs in total.

Since the introduction of Designview on 19 November 2012, the tool has served more than 1,25 million searches from 141 different countries, with users from Germany, Spain and the UK among the most frequent visitors.

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