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Primary objective of this project was to understand Serbia’s current innovation system, and the extent to which intellectual property is or should be incorporated therein. It included a desk review to map the innovation system in Serbia and to identify the main institutions and actors..
Studies on IP

Small and Medium Enterprises and Intellectual Property

Study "Small and Medium Enterprises and Intellectual Property" provides insight into economy in relation to investments and relevant legislative which affect business, with special focus on the SMEs and their exploitation of intellectual property rights by business sectors.

Review of the Innovation Process and the Corresponding Funding Possibilities in Serbia

Study "Review of the Innovation Process and the Corresponding Funding Possibilities in Serbia" presents existing situation in relation to the innovation activities in Serbia. It provides analysis of the Strategy for scientific and technological development and of the partnership for national innovation system. Innovation potential has been analyzed in relation to seven national priorities in the research and development area.

IP Cases and the Serbian Courts

This study contains analysis of current challenges in solving IP cases and assesses possibilities for introducing specialized courts for IP cases. Based on the findings, the study provides recommendations for the IPO of Serbia and also for Serbian courts in purpose of establishing efficient and professional manner of solving IP cases.

Handbook on Resources for Teaching IP Law in the Western Balkans and Turkey

The most important factor for the success of an IP system in a country is to establish an understanding of the role of IP in agricultural, industrial and scientific innovation, its contribution to education, social and cultural development and its importance for trade and economic growth. It is therefore important to provide for effective IP at all relevant levels of education. This study is published by the Queen Mary University of London.