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Edition „Intellectual Property for Successful Business“ comprises six WIPO manuals. These are:

1. Making a Mark

Trademarks have been one of the key marketing and reputation elements of companies. Therefore, in order to sustain and develop its competitiveness, every company should include trademark strategy into its corporate strategy.

2. Looking Good

Visual attractiveness of the product is one of the most important characteristics which affect its market competitiveness and is often crucial in customer's final decision on purchase. Therefore, every successful business needs to learn how to protect the design of its products.

3. Inventing the Future

Patents are one of the most important modern assets of any company, providing it with the possibilities for utilization of innovative ideas and technological capacities, thus strenghtening its business, marketing and exporting position.

4. Creative Expression

This manual provides SMEs with the basic knowledge on how to protect arts of work under their authorship and also how to benefit from their copyright and related rights.

5. Secrets of Intellectual Property – A guide for small and medium-sized expoters

This guide contains questions and answers on relevant intellectual property issues and explains basic concepts and principles concerning IP rights, in particular - employees' ownership of rights, contracting, licencing, technology transfer, international protection, and other important topics for successful business.

6. Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property

This manual is all about successful marketing of crafts and visual arts and appropriate use of intellectual property tools. It contemplates situations when formal IP protection should be considered. The manual includes case studies in IP management in crafts and visual arts sector.