IP pre-diagnosis

IP pre-diagnosis (IPP) represents an evaluation of the intellectual property factors of any enterprise by the placement of IP into an appropriate context and taking into account numerous parameters. IPP has been designed for all enterprises wishing to assess their potency in the area of IP and to use it for their development.

In brief

Why Use the IPP Service?

Using the IPP service helps enterprises gain clear insight into their strengths and weaknesses in regard to intellectual property. The IP potential is placed in a context of doing business and evaluated from a strategic perspective. An analysis of IPP provides for the enterprise guidelines for developing an IP strategy, and its inclusion in the enterprise’s strategy at corporate level.

The IPP service is provided free of charge to all enterprises in Serbia.

I Want an IPP Service in my Company. Who Should I Talk To?

If you wish to perform an intellectual property diagnostics survey in your company, you may contact us by telephone on 011 / 2025835 (international calls +381 11 2025835) or send an e-mail to:info.eic@zis.gov.rs.

If you wish to perform an IPP survey in your company, you may contact us by telephone on 011 / 2025835 (international calls +381 11 2025835) or send an e-mail to: info.eic@zis.gov.rs.

Intellectual Property at National Level

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important economic factors, whose significance is constantly growing the current globalization environment. Nations see it as a tool to stimulate innovation and increase competitiveness of their economies at global level. They are also well aware that it contributes to protecting existing business and plays a role in creating national wealth. However, it is necessary that enterprises gain awareness of the potential benefits of intellectual property and to develop their operations by the efficient use of intellectual property.

How do Enterprises View Intellectual Property?

When they consider the use of intellectual property in their operations, most enterprises focus primarily on patents, trade marks and designs. But intellectual property is much more than that: it encompasses processes, information about suppliers or the market, and, in particular, awareness that an enterprise possesses and uses IP in its everyday business and decisions. In the world of intellectual property these elements are regarded as ‘know-how,’ commercial secrets and confidential information, and they may also be protected. They are all sources of creating value and therefore of strategic significance for an enterprise, which needs to recognize these sources and do its best to protect them, thereby preventing their competition from exploiting them without its permission.

By protecting intellectual property one protects ownership of inventions, creations and ‘know-how,’ and prevents potential infringements of rights. Even more importantly, an enterprise possessing these rights gains an opportunity to make profits from its capacity to innovate and its creativity, and is encouraged to continue engaging in innovative projects.

How an Enterprise Benefits?

Enterprises can benefit from this service in various ways. Primarily, intellectual property diagnostics provide an honest diagnosis of the existing situation in the company in view of its needs in connection with industrial property, based on an objective and qualified analysis. Apart from examining existing IP, this service offers clients a possibility of lloking at the future based on comprehending competitive advantages that industrial property can generate. In that context, by simultaneously emphasizing the dimension of protection and the other aspects of exploiting industrial property (technical, legal, monitoring information, licences and partnership, realizing values from IP assets...), enterprises are offered support in deciding how and where to use their intellectual property. Moreover, the intellectual property diagnostics analysis provides information to the enterprise about possibilities that have been detected in respect of the development of IP that it should make use of, as well as key players and expenses in the field of IP which are significant for the enterprise.

Intellectual Property Methods

The Intellectual Property Diagnostics Programme is performed by experts of the Intellectual Property Office. This very efficient process consists of four steps:

1) preparing for visiting the enterprise,
2) visiting the enterprise,
3) compiling a report,
4) delivering the intellectual property diagnostic.

What we focus on when we visit enterprises are their products, services, processes, technology, R&D, innovations, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors, organization, human resources, training, financial standing and information about company staff who are responsible for industrial property questions. After visiting the company, our experts will draft an easy-to-consult report on the situation and the company’s potential in respect of IP, as well as its competitiveness and its strategic position based on intellectual property aspects. We also monitor the company’s practice in intellectual property questions as a form of support to this process.


All confidential information provided by your company will be kept strictly secret and are protected by a data confidentiality clause.