Through the various programs and projects in Serbia, initiatives have been started for the cooperation between the R&D institutions and SMEs. At the end of December of last year, one activity of the ACCESS program of the German Organization for International Cooperation has been completed, and, as a result, different models of contracts have been created in order to formalize this type of cooperation.

In the course of the several previous years in Europe, great attention has been devoted to the development of the different models of contracts and the strengthening of the capacity of the R&D institutions and companies using them, because, very often, SMEs and R&D institutions are not in the position to engage the necessary resources for the legal expenses and therefore loose the opportunity to realize numerous partnerships. Both can be inexperienced in the negotiations and legal demands, so they can be focused on the wrong issues instead the mutually acceptable interests and goals.

For that very reason, GIZ ACCESS program and the Center for TT of the Belgrade University started an initiative to make models of contracts for the formalization of cooperation in the R&D and private business sector. Three meetings have been organized with the most important partners of the representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Economy, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Intellectual Property Office, Innovation centers, Business Incubators and SMEs. During the course of the meetings, the models of contracts have been identified to be used in Serbia, and the international expert presented the European experience. On the basis of that, models of contracts have been defined which have been prepared in the Serbian language in compliance with the valid laws of the Republic of Serbia, and two workshops have been conducted in order to present the contracts and discuss the numerous issues connected to the IPR as its integral part.

Contract models:
- Non-disclosure agreement one-way
- Non-disclosure agreement two-way
- License agreement
- Information exchange agreement
- Material transfer agreement

Note: Intellectual Property Office did not participate in the creation of these contract models and they should be used as examples which should be adjusted to every particular case.