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Supplementary protection certificate

In case of patents, whose scope of protection comprises the active substance or a combination of active substances of a medicinal product or a plant protection product and for which a marketing authorisation has been issued in Serbia, protection may be extended beyond the maximum term of 20 years with respect to these products by a supplementary protection certificate, subject to certain conditions. Protection can be extended by the certifcate for a further period of up to five years.

Chapter XI of Patent Law OG RS No. 99/2011 prescribes provisions of a Supplementary protection certificate, which are in force according to the Article 178 of the same law from 1 July 2013.

• Request for the grant of the supplementary protection certificate
(Form SPC-1) (PDF_format) (WORD_format)

Instruction for the filing of the request for the grant of the supplementary protection certificate