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Milutin Milankovic (Dalj, May 28, 1879 – Belgrade, December 12, 1958) is a great Serbian scientists, civil engineer and inventor with a total of eight granted patents AT 25292, AT 36916B, HU 43572 B, AT 42720 B, FR 390283 A, US 940041 A, HU 73734 B, YU 10929 B. All his life he was engaged in science and technology in parallel, and he has stunning reputation due to his contribution to astronomic theory and climatology. The data that supports this is that NASA included Milutin Milankovic among the first 15 minds of all times that were engaged with our planet. He was the first Serb with the highest scientific diploma of the Ph.D. in Technical Sciences that he got at the Technical Faculty in Vienna, he was the part time professor of applied mathematics and a full time professor of heaven mechanics at the University of Belgrade, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, the pioneer in rocket engineering, the vice president of the SANU in three mandates, the director of the Observatory of Astronomy in Belgrade, the member and the re-founder of the Commission 7 for heavenly mechanics of the International Astronomical Union and the person that worked on making science popular.

As the young doctor of technical sciences, by the practical application of theoretical knowledge, he inspired the admiration of his superiors in the Vienna civil engineering companies, and he worked there from 1905 to 1909. In that period of his creative work, six patents were granted to Milankovic: three patents in Austria (AT 25292 B, AT 36916 B and AT 42720 B), one in Hungary (HU 43572 B), one in France (FR 390283 A) and one in the USA (US 940041 A), and due to their great practical application he received much glory of the outstanding inventor in the field of civil engineering.

In the course of the First World War, he worked on the very complex projects in Budapest, and in 1918 he crowned his work by another Hungarian patent (HU 73734 B) in the field of civil engineering.

At 25 objects in Yugoslavia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Romania his civil engineering solutions have been applied.

With the wish to prevent the Second World War in 1933, the last invention of Milankovic was created Anti-aircraft cannon ball for which a Yugoslav patent has been granted. This patent was never industrially produced.

Three Austrian patents (AT 25292 B, AT 36916 B and AT 42720 B) and one Hungarian (HU 73734 B) and a Yugoslav patent (YU 10929 B) of Milutin Milankovic were united in 2009 by professor Aleksandar Petrovic, Ph.D. in his book Cycles and Notes, opus solis of Milutin Milankovic at the occasion of the 130 anniversary from the birth of this famous scientists. The experts of the Intellectual Property Office, on the basis of research in the freely accessible digital patent bases of inventions found another three patents of Milankovic from the field of civil engineering: one Hungarian (HU 43572 B), one French (FR 390283 A) and one USA (US 940041 A). The Hungarian patent HU 43572 B is the basic patent for the machine for the production of the baled cane, straw and similar material for thermal insulation. The French patent is the analogue of the Hungarian patent HU 43572 B and the USA patent is the analogue of the Austrian patent AT 42720 B.

- read the text of professor Aleksandar Petrovic, Ph.D. on the patents of Milutin Milankovic.
- have a look at the table of all eight patents of Milutin Milankovic.