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  • Informing economic agents and other users about the existence and use of patent information;
  • Professional assistance of experts from the Office in determining the type of patent information;
  • Professional assistance for users of patent information in understanding the bibliographic data and interpretation of patent information of a legal nature contained in patent documents;
  • Professional assistance in drafting requests for a search of the patent documentation;
  • Patent documentation search based on written requests with enclosures of the copies of relevant patent documents specified in the search report;
  • Systematic searches into a particular field of technology in a particular interval of time according to the defined needs;
  • The possibility of autonomous patent documentation search;
  • Provision of information to the public regarding the legal status of patents and petty patents, as well as of patent applications;
  • Delivery of copies of patent specifications upon request;
  • Publication of the Intellectual Property Gazette (Glasnik intelektualne svojine - GIS), the official newsletter of the Intellectual Property Office, with information on the published industrial property rights;
  • Organization of seminars and courses with relevant programs for the users of patent information.