Authorities in charge of IPR enforcement

Authorities in charge of IPR enforcement in the Republic of Serbia are:

а) adiministrative:

  • Ministry of finance

Tax administration

  • Ministry of interior

Department for IPR crime supression

  • Mnistry of trade and agriculture

Market inspectorate

  • Others (Ministry of helath - health and sanitary inspection; Ministry of education and science - education inspection; Ministry of infrastructure - building and town planning inspection; Ministry of economy - tourist inspection; State radio-diffusion agency)
б) judicial:

  • courts
  • prosecutors' office
Memorandum of understanding between the IPO and the Judicial academy has regulated the coordination of activities for education of representatives of judicial bodies in the field of IP in Serbia, with the aim to improve the effectiveness of the IPR enforcement and meeting the recommendations from EU. This partnership has a goal to develop long-term cooperation and provision of expert help from the EIC to the Judicial academy in organizing education programmes in IP fields, in the framework of the Judicial academy training programme.