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Recording of Copyright Works and Subject Matter of Related Rights


In compliance with the Article 201 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Official Gazette RS, no. 104/09, 99/11, 119/12, 29/16 – decision of court 66/19) the Intellectual Property Office keeps records of copyright related works and subject matter of related rights.

Search and insight into the E-base of recorded and deposited copyright works and subject matter of related rights can be performed by all the interested parties on the basis of the following criteria:
- Recording number of the file;
- Kind of work;
- Form of work;
- Title of work;
- Names, surnames, addresses and citizenships of the applicant;
- Names, surnames, addresses and citizenships of the author of the application;
- Representative;
- Filing date and
- Serial number of the file.

The search is performed by entering one or more words in the field for search (the first on the left side), choice of one of the criteria for search which has been offered in the same field by a click on the arrow.

If the word contains letters čćšdž it is possible that the requested data may not appear. In that case it is necessary to use letters ccsdz and repeat the search.

Every interested party may file the written request with the proof on the payment of the republic administrative fee in the amount of 1,550 RSD and to request from the Intellectual Property Office the issue of certificates with the data regarding the intellectual property rights from the official recording.