What we do

In the fulfillment of its mission and that of the Intellectual Property Office, the EIC offers an efficient system of training, in particular in the form of seminars and workshops aimed at various groups of users: commercial enterprises, research institutes, institutions of higher education, courts, the police, the market inspectorate, the Customs service, the information media and other interested legal and natural persons.

Besides organizing diverse forms of training, the EIC is also implementing Intellectual Property Pre-diagnostics, one in a range of specialized services intended for enterprises. Among the EIC’s other activities are participating in trade fairs and other public events, support to scientific research organizations, co-operation with institutions which support economic enterprises, etc.

The following are the most important objectives in the drive to enhance awareness of the importance of intellectual property:

Upgrading knowledge and capacities in the field of intellectual property

By providing information about intellectual property to interested parties and reviewing any further steps that need to be taken, the EIC will provide a stimulus for research and development initiatives aimed at maximizing the intellectual capital of the interested parties. This is a very important issue, in view of the need of the Serbian economy to upgrade innovation activities. The creation and development of a Centre for technology transfer plays an important role in this process.

Upgrading the competitiveness of the economy based on intellectual property

Intellectual property is an important, if not even crucial, element for the development of a modern and competitive industry, hence also society. The EIC’s education and information programme will be aimed at informing and preparing participants for engaging in pertinent behavior and creating strategies for improving economic resultswith proper management of intellectual property rights. The project also encompasses a possibility of “scanning” the intellectual ownership of small and medium-sized enterprises, which will provide a high-quality assessment of business tendencies of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as their innovation capacities.

Creating a favorable climate for an influx of foreign investments

By raising awareness in enterprises about the importance of intellectual property for their business, in particular for their competitiveness, the EIC supports the development of a market economy in which companies place intellectual property at the focus of their corporate strategies. In this way companies are sending a clear signal to potential investors about a long-term strategy of market competitiveness based on utilizing their non-material assets. Moreover, raising awareness about the significance of intellectual property helps upgrade the system of implementing intellectual property rights, creating a climate in which foreign investors feel more secure in respect of the protection of their investments.