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In the course of the introductory address Mr. Liao emphasized that the great reform of the National Intellectual Property Office of China is under way, implying that the administrative capacity of the SIPO shall include, apart from the industrial property rights, also trademarks and indications of geographical origin, and SIPO shall have then almost 16,000 employees.

In the continuation of the visit, the members of SIPO delegation got acquainted with jobs and activities performed in the patent sector and distinctive signs sector, scope of activities of the IPO in the field of copyright and related rights, Education and Information Center as well as the Information System Department. At the end, Mrs. Vu Hui, Deputy Director General for General Affairs and long lasting editor of the journal “China Intellectual Property Newspaper” had the presentation about the results of the SIPO in the promotion and education in the field of intellectual property with impressive data. The importance given to the strengthening of the IP protection in China is demonstrated by the fact that it is one of the four measures for the increase of openness and competitiveness of Peoples Republic of China stated in the recent address of the President of China Si Djinping at the annual conference of the countries of Asia. In the afternoon part, the visit to the Scientific and Technological Park Zvezdara was organized in the course of which the guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the park as the place where the Business Incubator of the technical faculties is positioned along with the Fund for Innovation Activities as well as to see other aspects of infrastructure support to scientific, technological and innovative start ups and other business companies.

<![CDATA[SEMINAR “MEETING WITH THE JUDGES”]]>, 04.06.2018. Mon, 04 Jun 2018 00:00:00 e At the meeting, the opening address was given by the President of MARQUES Mr. Georg Versondert, and the IPO Director Mr. Vladimir Maric, and afterwards in the several sessions the presentations were given by judges Dragica Popesku, PhD from the Apellation Court in Belgrade, Vesna Dabetic Trogrlic PhD from the Economic Appellation Court, Slobodan Markovic, PhD, prof. from the Faculty of Law of Belgrade University in Belgrade and Marija Bozic, Assistant Director in the IPO. Some of the topics elaborated at the seminar were: conditions for filing the legal suits against the trademark infringement, passing temporary measures, role of expert witness, manners of calculating remuneration for the trademark infringement, infringement of trademark in the commercialization of goods – transit and parallel import, and the establishment of the trademark infringement primarily dealing with the establishment of similarity and the eligibility of confusion against the relevant part of the public. Every session was followed by the active discussion and exchange of opinions between the speakers and the participants at the seminar including also other judges and representatives.]]> <![CDATA[FINALIZED SEMINAR ABOUT PATENTS IN THE FIELD OF PHARMACY]]>, 17.05.2018. Thu, 17 May 2018 00:00:00 e Yesterday, in the premises of the Intellectual Property Office a seminar lasting for two days about patents in the field of pharmacy has been completed, organized jointly by the European Patent Office and Intellectual Property Office, in the framework of the realization of the program of bilateral cooperation. The first day of the Seminar was dedicated to the exchange of experiences of experts from the EPO and experts of the IPO in the field of patent protection in pharmacy, and the second day of the seminar, in the form of the round table, was intended for the representatives of economy, science, technology transfer centers and patent representatives.

The Seminar, intended for the public, was opened by the Director of IPO, Vladimir Maric, who emphasized that the complexity of patenting in the domain of pharmaceutics results from the nature of the invention, which concerns public health of people and animals and therefore such patents have priority from the point of view of social importance. Vladimir Maric, in the framework of the introductory address, thanked for the all encompassing support of the European Patent Office on the realization of the seminar and emphasized the importance of continual expert education of the employees at the Intellectual Property Office.

Pia Bjork, the representative of the European Patent Office, expressed the pleasure for the cooperation with the IPO of the highest quality which is also reflected in the realization of the fourth seminar of the similar kindand she emphasized the high level of expert competence of patent examiners in the Intellectual Property Officein the field of pharmacy, which is highly complex and demands continual improvement of expert skills and the follow up of decisions referring to patent litigation in this field.

There were around sixty participants gathered at the round table. The procedure of patent grant in the EPO and IPO, the practice of research and examination of patent applications in the field of pharmacy with the special emphasize on the first, second, and other utilizations of the medicament, was the subject matter of presentations of patent examiners from the EPO, Astrid Langer and Gabriela Greif along with Jelena Tesic and Ivana Krdzic, patent examiners at the Chemistry Department and Chemical Technology of the IPO. Special attention was dedicated to the most relevant decisions of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office in the field of pharmacy, as presented by Astrid Langer and Gabriela Greif.

Pia Biork, the representative of the European Patent Office thanked for the open and constructive discussion with the domestic examiners and the pleasant atmosphere in the course of the working visit lasting for two days in Belgrade. She supported the efforts of the Serbian examiners and the IPO as a whole, to follow the dynamic changes in the field of patenting in pharmacy.

<![CDATA[CELEBRATION OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY]]>, 27.04.2018. Fri, 27 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e The assembly was opened by the IPO of the Republic of Serbia Director Mr. Vladimir Maric. In his speech, the IPO Director emphasized the importance of intellectual property protection of all kinds of creations of human mind, and in particular, in fast growing industries like the creative industries and businesses related to them. This branch of industry employs almost six percent of mostly younger population with university degree in this country. Intellectual property is of essential importance for the successful policy of innovations, for the securing of economic growth and stability and patents play a key role there, as the instrument for the strengthening of competitiveness. Mr. Maric emphasized that the issue of key importance for the Republic of Serbia is the fulfilling of recommendations of the European Commission for the closing of Chapter 7, that was opened last year, and that is the passing of new legislation in the field of intellectual property.

The Minister for Innovations and Technological Development , Mr. Nenad Popovic, while addressing the assembly, emphasized that the system of IP protection is the constituent part of the innovation eco-system of the Republic of Serbia and that the state shall do everything possible to improve the condition in this field. It is not enough to finance innovations, but it is also necessary to implement the protection procedures and the task of the state is to work systematically on the motivation of the young researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to contemplate the protection of their ideas. Apart from the supreme knowledge created in science , Serbia must develop the creative and innovative engineering which shall be measured not only by engineering achievements but also innovations protected by a patent. Knowledge as such is not sufficient, but it must be transformed into the product that has market value.

The Asst. Minister from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development , Mr. Sasa Lazovic , in his speech, stated that it is important to speak often about the issues of IP protection in public in order to raise awareness and culture of use of this instrument for protection of innovations. The World Intellectual Property Day that the IPO celebrates is one of such occasions as well as the recently held presentation of WIPO awards in different categories of IPR also organized by the IPO.

In the address of the representative of the Customs Administration, Sonja Lazarevic, Asst. Director for the control of the implementation of the Customs regulations emphasized that the Customs Service of the Republic of Serbia in the previous period contributed greatly with its results to the enforcement of measures for the protection of IP in the commerce of goods and at the border. She stated that, in the course of 2017, almost 1.5 million pieces of different products were seized at the border infringing IP right, and only from the beginning of this year more than 250,000 forged sweets intended for the youngest generation were destroyed. Mrs. Lazarevic announced that today electronic data base is made operational which will be publically available with data on the procedures conducted in accordance with the requests of the holders of rights for the protection of intellectual property.

The assembly was also addressed by Snezana Djordjevic, founder and owner of the business company “Agrounik”, and in her presentation she stated the importance of the implementation of science in economy, in particular through the example of her company doing business. IPR in the ownership of this company, in particular registered patents and trademarks, were the indispensable means for the protection of investments in knowledge, research and visibility of Agrounik at the market.

<![CDATA[April 26, 2018 – WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY]]>, 26.04.2018. Thu, 26 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e The Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia organizes today the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day.

April 26 is the international Intellectual Property Day. On that day, on the basis of a decision of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), human creativity is celebrated along with the contribution that the authors and inventors give to the development of human society all over our planet. The Republic of Serbia, which has tradition of IP protection for longer than one century shall join the WIPO and numerous other countries in the celebration of that international holyday and is on the map of countries that celebrate it. This year, the World Intellectual Property Day celebrates brilliance, talent, curiosity and bravery of women that initiate changes in our world and gives meaning to our future together.

At the gathering at the Intellectual Property Office, the presentations shall have Mr. Vladimir Maric, Director of the IPO, Mr. Nenad Popovic, Minister for Innovations and Technological Development, Mr. Sasa Lazovic , Asst. Minister for Technological Development, Technology Transfer and Innovations, Ms. Sonja Lazarevic, Asst. Director of the Customs Administration, Sector for the Control of Customs Legislation. Finally Mrs. Snezana Djordjevic, recognized by her scientific work and awarded several times in the category of entrepreneurs, owner and founder of the business company Agrounic Ltd. shall present and give examples from practice about the implementation of scientific research in economy and the implementation of IPR in doing business.

The beginning of our celebration in the Hall of the IPO is planned for 14.00 p.m.

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<![CDATA[VISIT OF THE DELEGATION OF THE OFFICE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC]]>, 24.04.2018. Tue, 24 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e The purpose of the visit was for the members of the delegation to get acquainted with the work of the RS IPO, the administrative system IPAS used for the administration of IP applications as well as the use of EPOQUE Net tools for the search in the process of substantive patent examination. Along with the delegation of the South Africa, Mr. Nicholas Kornig from the EPO, in charge for the international cooperation with countries of Africa and ARIPO –African Regional Intellectual Property Organization was our guest.

During this visit, the delegation was presented the competences and operations of the RS IPO by the Director, Mr. Vladimir Marić, along with the assistant directors and experts from the organization units of special interest for the realization of the purpose of the visit. The visit to the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia was recommended to this delegation by the European patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO, as one of the offices that successfully apply and further develop the tools of these organizations, both with regard to the IP rights administration and for other activities from the scope of competences. ]]>
<![CDATA[EUROPEAN PATENT ACADEMY SEMINAR “IP PRE-DIAGNOSIS – CONSOLIDATION SEMINAR”]]>, 20.04.2018. Fri, 20 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e European Patent Academy two-day seminar “IP pre-diagnosis – consolidation seminar” was organized at the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia. The event was chaired by Antoine Rety, Program Area Manager, European Patent Academy, European Patent Organization while welcome remarks and introduction were given by Mr Vladimir Marić, Director of the Intellectual Property Office and Ms Katarina Kubicek, Country Coordinator, European Patent Organization.
Nine lecturers among which three from Serbia held presentations and moderated workshops for over forty participants from the EPO member states.

The Seminar was successfully concluded by awarding certificates to participants.

<![CDATA[PAN-EUROPEAN SEAL PROGRAM]]>, 10.04.2018. Tue, 10 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e Belgrade University became a member of Pan-European Seal Program network that consists of European universities where intellectual property is studied and two international organizations, European Patent Organization (EPO) and Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO).

More about it you may see on the Belgrade University’s webpage.

<![CDATA[INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MEDIATION]]>, 04.04.2018. Wed, 04 Apr 2018 00:00:00 e On Intellectual Property Office’s webpage new page “Mediation” is opened. On the new page the following headlines are published:

information about alternative dispute resolution for intellectual property disputes you may see here and

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