October 31, 2014

Yesterday, at the IPO, a seminar was held “The Introduction into the Patent System”. There were over 40 participants from the institutes, faculties, business companies and others. The aim of the seminar was to allow the participants to get detailed knowledge of the importance of patent protection for the commercial utilization of the invention, conditions for the grant of patent as well as procedure that is conducted before the IPO.

The special part of the seminar was dedicated to ways how to realize patent protection abroad, and also the importance of the use of patent documentation was discussed.

Apart from the lecturer from the IPO, the participants had the opportunity to hear directly from the horses mouth the experiences of the inventors regarding the protection of the inventions. Marko Kostic, innovator, researcher and founder of the company Chromosome Group, spoke about his innovation and the way he had traveled the way from the idea for research, the exploration of the market and the development of the product, the procedure of patent protection all the way to the protection of other IP rights. He underlined that the invention has no value if it has no market, while the role of the patent at the market greatly contributes to the reputation of the business company and it is also used as means for negotiation and the conducting of business. The participants have shown exceptional interest for this topic, which is witnessed by numerous questions, comments and active participation in all segments of the seminar. Also, a great number of participants expressed wish for further expert training in this field.