June 6, 2014

Today, in the festive hall of the IPO, a Seminar took place for the exporters under the title “Protection of Trademarks in the Counties of Export: Advantage or Obstacle?” The Seminar was attended by more than 40 representatives of Serbian companies that intend to export or are already exporting their products and services to the international markets.

The Seminar was opened by Branka Bilen –Katic, Assistant Director of the IPO, emphasizing the importance of getting acquainted with the system of trademark protection and other IP rights protection for activities of export. Bilen – Katic reminded that the last year study of the European Patent Organization and the Office for the Harmonization of Internal Market showed that the industries with the intensive use of the system of intellectual property in the European Union employ 26% of the population of the EU and produce 39% of its GDP. The lecture of Biljana Removic – Dimic followed and she spoke about the connection of the trademark and brand, of domestic and international proceedings of trademark protection as well as about the numerous factors concerning the use and protection of trademarks that the exporters must think about. Nikola Radovanovic from the IPO spoke about the new Portals that give support to the companies connected with the IPR protection at the international level and presented the application IP Response that enables the evaluation of the potential of knowledge that the companies have.

Lawyer, Milan Milojevic, from the lawyers office Milojevic, Sekulic and Partners spoke about the investment in the trademark protection at the markets of the region and in Europe. Milojevic showed the cross section of the factors of system protection that influences the decision of the companies during the choice of the system of the international trademark protection. Also, some examples from practice have been presented. Afterwards, Aleksandar Poznanic, Director of the Marketing in the company Jaffa from Crvenka presented the way this company works in the sphere of the protection of the key products of this company by trademarks. The presentation of Aleksandar Poznanic had abundance of useful examples from practice, where the company Jaffa faced the challenges of the trademark defense. The Seminar was concluded by a lecture of Dejan Bogdanovic from the office Mikijelj, Jankovic and Bogdanovic, that spoke about the protection of trademarks at the markets of Russia, USA and China. This presentation gave insight into the particularities of the various markets when it concerns trademark protection.

The participants at the Seminar, during the presentations and at the end of the event, asked numerous questions to the speakers and a wish has been expressed to organize additional seminars on this and similar topics in the forthcoming period.

The Seminar was organized under the auspices of the international project IPorta that has the aim to give support to the SMEs in the access to relevant information and services in the field of intellectual property.