September 13, 2013

Yesterday, in the Belgrade Hotel “Zira” a two-day regional seminar finished. It dealt with the enforcement of intellectual property rights. It was organized jointly by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from Geneva.

Infringement of IP rights, materialized in piracy and counterfeiting, provoke great damage to the producers of the original goods, film, music and IT industry, authors and other holders of intellectual property right. For the efficient suppression of the piracy and counterfeiting, it is important to have trained administrative and court government bodies, but it is also important to inform the consumers about the dangers lying in the buying of fake goods, in particular medicaments, over the Internet or through the advertisements and other unreliable sources.

On account of this event, Mrs. Branka Totic, Director of the Intellectual Property Office stated the following: ”We can not hope to get foreign investments unless we give them proof that advanced technology shall be properly protected in our country. This is especially important, if we are counting on the investments in IT technology. Therefore, apart from the quality of legislations in the country, it is important to have strong competent institutions for enforcement – different inspectorates, The Police, public prosecutors and the courts, as well as to have proof of their cooperation with the similar institutions in the region.”

The manifestation was opened by Mrs. Branka Totic and Mr. Xavier Vermandele, Senior Legal Council in WIPO in Geneva. Topics covered on the first day included piracy and counterfeiting, international standards in the IPR enforcement, border measures, and the advantages and disadvantages of civil and criminal procedures in the IPR enforcement. On the second day, included topics were: the application of the third chapter of TRIPS agreement, criminal procedure in relation to piracy and counterfeiting, IPR enforcement in digital environment and role of IPR holders. The Seminar was attended by the experts from the WIPO, IPO, and representatives of the institutions authorized for the prevention of commerce of pirated and counterfeited goods in the country and the region, who exchanged experiences and considered conditions for the advance of cooperation.

- Click here for the last version of the program of the seminar

- Here you can download the WIPO document - Enforcement of IP Rights in Countries in Transition

- Presentations from the seminar:

- Advantages and Disadvantages of Civil and Criminal Routes in the Enforcement of IP Rights
- Counterfeiting and Piracy in the Framework of Strategic Goal VI of WIPO
- Croatian Customs - Border Measures
- IP Enforcement - International and EU Standards
- Presentation of the IP Enforcement Study
- Privremene mere u postupcima zastite intelektualne svojine
- REACT - Regional Meeting on Enforcement of IPRs
- The Equitable Disposal of Infringing Goods
- Uloga nosioca prava - saradnja sa organima za prinudno sprovodjenje prava