February 18, 2013

Recently, a new look of the portal INNOVACCESS has been made operational, which was created in the framework of the project IPeuropAware and modernized under the project IPorta where the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia also participates. This Portal represents the central point of the network of the national offices of 27 countries of Europe and offers various important information on the systems of intellectual property in the countries of Europe.

Project IPorta takes place under the auspices of the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovations. The general aim of this project is the development of the competitive and innovative economy in Europe , or the affirmation of intellectual property for the sake of growth of the competitiveness of economy. At the portal Innovaccess, it is possible to find information on the systems of intellectual property protection in the countries that participate in the project just like in the other countries in Europe, for the sake of easier survey of the procedure, costs of protection and contacts of the relevant institutions that participate in the system of intellectual property. In this way, all the relevant subjects that wish to utilize the intellectual property assets efficiently in order to make a concept of their strategy of protection and marketing in other European countries can act in accordance with the available information.

For the sake of easier navigation, information per countries can be accessed through the section “National Information” at the main menu.