June 16, 2009

MIMOSA RS database is available from June 2009.

The MIMOSA RS collection of all patent data will offer the possibility to search the complete database of bibliographic data of Serbian patents, using the Mimosa technology. Search results will be linked to the facsimile of the retrieved documents

Currently available resources:
National trademark and industrial design database
(opens in a new window)
Publication server (opens in a new window)

IPC 8 (2010.01) (opens in a new window)
IPC Guide (only in Serbian) (pdf)

Information and data provided in the MIMOSA RS database are for informational purposes only, and may be changed at any moment without prior notice of the IPO. They cover the period from 1976 until today. Data in this database are incomplete. Any natural or legal person that takes decision, action or non action based on the information contained therein assumes full responsibility for the potential loss.

Instructions for downloading and updating MIMOSA software (pdf)