September 1, 2009

In the town of Zrenjanin, in the organization of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Zrenjanin and the General Association of Inventors from Zrenjanin, from August 27th to 29th, 2009, the tenth traditional Fair of Innovations, Cooperation and Inventiveness “INOCOOP 2009” was held, gathering more than 230 exhibitioners from our country and from abroad.

At the exceptionally well-visited stand of the Intellectual Property Office, the interested visitors could get information about the intellectual property rights, they could read the publications issued by the Office, and they also had at their disposal the services and advice of the employees from the Office - who provided expert counseling in the field of intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Office also organized, every other day during the duration of the Fair, the lectures on the topic “The Importance of Intellectual Property for the Innovative Enterprises and Competitiveness.”

The program of the Fair was marked by the presentations, promotions and round tables with the wide range of topics from the field of innovations, development strategy, employment, cross- boarder cooperation and the development of inventiveness. The Fair was visited by numerous high officials, as well as ambassadors of Germany and Croatia.