September 21, 2009

The Seminar on the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights was held in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in Belgrade on September 15 and 16, 2009 in the organization of the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, World Intellectual Property Organization, International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers and International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations.

The Seminar attracted great public attention, and over one hundred representatives of Serbian collective management organizations, associations of holders of related rights – broadcasters, cable operators, hoteliers, government institutions competent for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, chambers of commerce and also representatives from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended.

The main goal of the Seminar was to inform the public about the novelties from the Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights and the expected effects of the proposed solutions both on the holders of rights and their organizations and on all other business enterprises that utilize daily author’s works protected by copyright and related rights in their activities. We also succeeded to inform the public about the provisions from the copyright and related rights legislation of the EU countries and the best domestic and European practice in this domain.

The beginning of the Seminar was focused on the presentations of
Mr. Michal Fischer on the international protection of copyright and related rights with particular emphasis on the international protection of audiovisual performances and possibilities of collective management of rights.

The eminent experts from Norway, Sweden, Holland, Bulgaria and Ireland have given presentations for two days from their field of experience that can help the resolve current problems in the enforcement of the legislation in this field, starting with the establishment of the organizations, methods of efficient operation, models of determination of the tariff for remuneration, distribution of remuneration, special levies, relationship between the user of right and organization, etc.

Particular stress was laid on the important experience concerning the practice of the European collective organizations in the realization of reprographic rights, audio and audiovisual rights of reproduction (private copying), which are still not enforced in our country.

In the course of the Seminar, there have been discussions among the participants concerning the current issues faced by the holders of rights in cooperation with the existing collective management organizations, as well as in the cooperation between broadcasting organizations and collective management organizations with regard to the negotiations concerning the amounts of tariff.