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September 22, 2011

On the occasion of the accession of Serbia to the European Patent Organisation, President of the European Patent Office, its executive body, Benoit Battistelli, is today finishing a two-day visit to the Republic of Serbia, which will formalize the membership of our country in the largest regional organization of its kind in the world.

During the first day of the visit, the first Mr Battistelli met with Serbian Minister of Education and Science, Zarko Obradovic, and then in the Serbian government the formal meeting was organized with Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Bozidar Djelic.

More information on the meeting between Benoit Battistelli and Bozidar Djelic can be found here.

During these working sessions, the discussion focused on the role of patents in the Innovative Process, use of patents for the economy, the harmonization of laws in intellectual property in terms of European integration and European Union initiative on intellectual property, as well as the activities of cooperation with Serbia, as a member country.

"Co-operation between the European Patent Office and the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia supports the development of a knowledge-based economy and stimulates research and development activities in Serbia,"said EPO President Benoît Battistelli. "Serbian companies benefit because European patents provide cost efficiencies and full legal protection for inventions in one of the most dynamic markets in the world."

Minister Obradovic stressed that Serbia's membership in the European Patent Organisation and cooperation with the European Patent Office, as its executive body, is essential for building high-quality and efficient system of intellectual property rights in our country. Such a system is an important precondition for the accession of our country to the EU and the WTO.
When it comes to comparing the framework of the region, with respect to the protection of inventions by patent through the European patent system, we can say that Serbia is somewhere on par with Romania and Bulgaria. Croatia and Slovakia are around 50% of European patent applications and patents more than doubled, while Slovenia and Greece have 3-4 times more applications. Hungary has more and more applications, from all these countries and thus takes first place in the region.

President of the European Patent Office used his stay in Belgrade to address the scientific, economic and academic community in Serbia. During the meeting of Mr Battistelli with representatives of scientific and academic community, which was held today afternoon at the Ceremonial Hall of the Rectorate, guests were addressed by Rector of University of Belgrade, PhD Branko Kovacevic, and Director of the Intellectual Property, Branka Totić.

As a reminder, the implementation of the two-year project ‘Support to the establishment of the Education and Information Center of the IPO of Serbia’ is under way, financed by the EU, worth 2.2 milion euros and implemented by the EPO.

Photos from the visit of Mr. Battistelli to Serbia are available here.

Here you can read the blog from Mr. Battistelli regarding his visit to Serbia.