November 8, 2018

On the occasion of the celebration of the 98th anniversary of the Intellectual Property Office and having the aim to promote the protection of the intellectual property for the development of modern economy and society, the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization, after conducting the public competition in four categories, in the period September 14 – October 19, 2018 presented WIPO Medals and Trophies.

WIPO Medal for Inventors – was awarded to Jadran Badrić, PhD, plastic surgeon and Prof, Djura Koruga, PhD, pioneer in the field of nanotechnologies and the founder of the Centre for Molecular Machines at the Faculty of Machine Engineering of Belgrade University for the invention “Analytic Methods for the Assessment of Tissues”, which contributes to the prevention and curing of malignity. They won numerous awards including the competition Next Step Challenge 2014 Winner, Esbjerg, Denmark where the award was presented by the prince of Denmark.

WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy – was awarded for the registered industrial design for legal persons to Soma Group doo from Belgrade for having five internationally registered industrial designs for some pieces of furniture successfully exported to the market of the European Union and Switzerland which resulted in the cooperation with the Swiss brand NATIVO.

WIPO Medal for Creativity
– was awarded for the author of the monography/exhibition with the catalogue in the domain of social sciences to Mrs. Gorica Ljubenov, PhD, architect from Belgrade. She prepared an exhibition with the catalogue devoted to the traditional knowledge and heritage on the Stara Planina Mountain which is an area of special importance having old fashioned architecture that is valuable part of cultural heritage of Serbia.

WIPO School Children’s Trophy - was awarded for the pupil or group of pupils in the secondary school to Miss Sara Milosević, pupil of the third grade of the Grammar School in Indjija for the invention under the title ““Modification of lanthanum doped barium titanate and potential implementation”. She has already won a silver medal at the International Conference of Young Scientists and at the International Festival of Science in Moscow she was awarded as a successful young scientist.

Apart from the mentioned awards, in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Office, an award was presented for the Serbian legal person with the highest intensity of the utilization of the international system of trademark registration in the last year – WIPO Users Trophy. It went to the Nelly doo from the town of Loznica engaged in the production of sweets and chocolates.

The awards of the World Intellectual Property Organization shall be presented at the celebration of the jubilee of the IPO of the Republic of Serbia on November 16, 2018.