May 17, 2018

Yesterday, in the premises of the Intellectual Property Office a seminar lasting for two days about patents in the field of pharmacy has been completed, organized jointly by the European Patent Office and Intellectual Property Office, in the framework of the realization of the program of bilateral cooperation. The first day of the Seminar was dedicated to the exchange of experiences of experts from the EPO and experts of the IPO in the field of patent protection in pharmacy, and the second day of the seminar, in the form of the round table, was intended for the representatives of economy, science, technology transfer centers and patent representatives.

The Seminar, intended for the public, was opened by the Director of IPO, Vladimir Maric, who emphasized that the complexity of patenting in the domain of pharmaceutics results from the nature of the invention, which concerns public health of people and animals and therefore such patents have priority from the point of view of social importance. Vladimir Maric, in the framework of the introductory address, thanked for the all encompassing support of the European Patent Office on the realization of the seminar and emphasized the importance of continual expert education of the employees at the Intellectual Property Office.

Pia Bjork, the representative of the European Patent Office, expressed the pleasure for the cooperation with the IPO of the highest quality which is also reflected in the realization of the fourth seminar of the similar kindand she emphasized the high level of expert competence of patent examiners in the Intellectual Property Officein the field of pharmacy, which is highly complex and demands continual improvement of expert skills and the follow up of decisions referring to patent litigation in this field.

There were around sixty participants gathered at the round table. The procedure of patent grant in the EPO and IPO, the practice of research and examination of patent applications in the field of pharmacy with the special emphasize on the first, second, and other utilizations of the medicament, was the subject matter of presentations of patent examiners from the EPO, Astrid Langer and Gabriela Greif along with Jelena Tesic and Ivana Krdzic, patent examiners at the Chemistry Department and Chemical Technology of the IPO. Special attention was dedicated to the most relevant decisions of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office in the field of pharmacy, as presented by Astrid Langer and Gabriela Greif.

Pia Biork, the representative of the European Patent Office thanked for the open and constructive discussion with the domestic examiners and the pleasant atmosphere in the course of the working visit lasting for two days in Belgrade. She supported the efforts of the Serbian examiners and the IPO as a whole, to follow the dynamic changes in the field of patenting in pharmacy.