April 27, 2018

Yesterday, at the festive hall of the Intellectual Property Office, an assembly was held on the occasion of the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day. The festivity was attended by the Minister for Inovations and Technological Development, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, institutions for the enforcement of IP rights, institutions for the support to economy, lawyers and representatives for IPR as well as representatives of the collective administration of copyright and related rights.

The assembly was opened by the IPO of the Republic of Serbia Director Mr. Vladimir Maric. In his speech, the IPO Director emphasized the importance of intellectual property protection of all kinds of creations of human mind, and in particular, in fast growing industries like the creative industries and businesses related to them. This branch of industry employs almost six percent of mostly younger population with university degree in this country. Intellectual property is of essential importance for the successful policy of innovations, for the securing of economic growth and stability and patents play a key role there, as the instrument for the strengthening of competitiveness. Mr. Maric emphasized that the issue of key importance for the Republic of Serbia is the fulfilling of recommendations of the European Commission for the closing of Chapter 7, that was opened last year, and that is the passing of new legislation in the field of intellectual property.

The Minister for Innovations and Technological Development , Mr. Nenad Popovic, while addressing the assembly, emphasized that the system of IP protection is the constituent part of the innovation eco-system of the Republic of Serbia and that the state shall do everything possible to improve the condition in this field. It is not enough to finance innovations, but it is also necessary to implement the protection procedures and the task of the state is to work systematically on the motivation of the young researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to contemplate the protection of their ideas. Apart from the supreme knowledge created in science , Serbia must develop the creative and innovative engineering which shall be measured not only by engineering achievements but also innovations protected by a patent. Knowledge as such is not sufficient, but it must be transformed into the product that has market value.

The Asst. Minister from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development , Mr. Sasa Lazovic , in his speech, stated that it is important to speak often about the issues of IP protection in public in order to raise awareness and culture of use of this instrument for protection of innovations. The World Intellectual Property Day that the IPO celebrates is one of such occasions as well as the recently held presentation of WIPO awards in different categories of IPR also organized by the IPO.

In the address of the representative of the Customs Administration, Sonja Lazarevic, Asst. Director for the control of the implementation of the Customs regulations emphasized that the Customs Service of the Republic of Serbia in the previous period contributed greatly with its results to the enforcement of measures for the protection of IP in the commerce of goods and at the border. She stated that, in the course of 2017, almost 1.5 million pieces of different products were seized at the border infringing IP right, and only from the beginning of this year more than 250,000 forged sweets intended for the youngest generation were destroyed. Mrs. Lazarevic announced that today electronic data base is made operational which will be publically available with data on the procedures conducted in accordance with the requests of the holders of rights for the protection of intellectual property.

The assembly was also addressed by Snezana Djordjevic, founder and owner of the business company “Agrounik”, and in her presentation she stated the importance of the implementation of science in economy, in particular through the example of her company doing business. IPR in the ownership of this company, in particular registered patents and trademarks, were the indispensable means for the protection of investments in knowledge, research and visibility of Agrounik at the market.