April 26, 2018

The Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia organizes today the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day.

April 26 is the international Intellectual Property Day. On that day, on the basis of a decision of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), human creativity is celebrated along with the contribution that the authors and inventors give to the development of human society all over our planet. The Republic of Serbia, which has tradition of IP protection for longer than one century shall join the WIPO and numerous other countries in the celebration of that international holyday and is on the map of countries that celebrate it. This year, the World Intellectual Property Day celebrates brilliance, talent, curiosity and bravery of women that initiate changes in our world and gives meaning to our future together.

At the gathering at the Intellectual Property Office, the presentations shall have Mr. Vladimir Maric, Director of the IPO, Mr. Nenad Popovic, Minister for Innovations and Technological Development, Mr. Sasa Lazovic , Asst. Minister for Technological Development, Technology Transfer and Innovations, Ms. Sonja Lazarevic, Asst. Director of the Customs Administration, Sector for the Control of Customs Legislation. Finally Mrs. Snezana Djordjevic, recognized by her scientific work and awarded several times in the category of entrepreneurs, owner and founder of the business company Agrounic Ltd. shall present and give examples from practice about the implementation of scientific research in economy and the implementation of IPR in doing business.

The beginning of our celebration in the Hall of the IPO is planned for 14.00 p.m.

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